Animation and VFX pipelines often raise a huge level of complexity.

Besides, each studio has its unique way of working, its unique workflow, its unique pipeline then.

So, how can Simple Animation help you with this? How can we design a pipeline to satisfy any kind of production needs? How to build something that fits any studio´s way of working?

The trick here is to set out a pipeline as a big problem and split it into thousands of little easy issues. And what we do is identifying the common points in all pipelines (people, projects, entities, disciplines, tasks, publishes…) and finding a way to connect them.

People always work on tasks that belong to an entity (Assets, Shots…) and to a discipline (Art, Modeling, Animation…), inside a project. During work, they need inputs, that are components from other publishes, previous tasks or disciplines. Then they publish in order to generate the components for other people, tasks and disciplines.

Simple Animation will give you the puzzle pieces to design your ideal pipeline. You’ll find a set of disciplines that can be connected with others through their published outputs. You’ll have the possibility and the capability to choose the actions to execute to publish, load or update.

You will be the designer of your own Graph that will be the base of your pipeline.

Above, you can see a three disciplines sample, using components to connect their inputs and outputs, and action lists to manage the operations.